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Duro Labs

I am currently a user experience consultant at Duro Labs, a cloud-based Product Lifecycle Management company.

I design, mockup, and user-test new features and feature improvements. My work is primarily done in Sketch, using Sketch Cloud for revision control. I also work with the developers as the feature is being implemented to resolve any UX questions that come up and to manually QA the feature once finished. In addition to all this, I do graphic design and icon design to ensure a cohesive, professional look across the product.

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Onshape is a cloud-base CAD software changing the way engineers do CAD. I worked at Onshape for the summers of 2020 and 2021, first as a user experience intern, then as a software engineering intern. Both my designs and my code are currently in the Onshape product.

During my first summer at Onshape I worked as a user experience design intern. I identified key elements from user feature requests, then used Figma to create mockups and test them out on both other Onshape employees and real Onshape users. Based on the test results and feedback from design reviews, I iterated on the mockups until I found the best solution. I wrote an article about my experience and my views on UX design which can be found here.

During my second summer at Onshape I worked as a software engineering intern on the data management team. I worked with Java, HTML, CSS, and Typescript to fix bugs and implement new features. I learned to navigate and debug in a large code base, submit and contribute to code reviews, and work with Git in a professional environment.

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Ipswich River Watershed Association

Ipswich River Watershed Association is an organization that seeks to protect the Ipswich River through legislation, conservation, and education.

I worked at IRWA during the summer of 2019 as an education apprentice. During my time there I worked with summer camps and educational groups, leading paddles on the Ipswich River and teaching about water conservation. I also visited local farmer's markets and attended other outreach events to teach children and adults about the river, where their water comes from, the importance of conserving it, and the dangers of stormwater. In my spare time, I worked on developing the organization’s new website and updating resources about town water systems to make water quality information more accessible to the public.

Annabelle about to lead a paddle

Analog Devices

During the summer of 2018 I worked as a robotics intern at Analog Devices, building RC cars to use as testbeds for developing autonomous vehicle sensors. This was my first big exposure to deciphering documentation and applying it to my own project. My job was primarily in adjusting the hardware and electrical systems to optimize the car for office testing. I designed circuits to integrate the components and CADed the structural housing. I also wrote Python scripts to interact with the Robot Operating System (ROS) and learned to develop in a Unix system.

An RC car from above


A pixel art book with the word Misguided over it

Misguided: The Game

An interactive, story-based game, built from scratch in Python.

Annabelle with arm and leg extended

Olin Dance Ensemble

The first (virtual) performance of Olin Dance Ensemble, founded and choreographed by me.

Calanus finmarchicus

Plankton Identification

An algorithm that uses PCA to identify plankton species.

A small robot frame

Line-Following Robot

A line-following robot built using reflectivity sensors and proportional-derivative control.

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