Welcome to Misguided! In this adventure game, you will journey through into a strange world with only a weird old book that writes itself.

Misguided employs a modular approach to game design that allows fast development. It is compatible with Windows and Linux but could probably run on an abacus if you tried hard enough.

Meet Your Guide

Your guide is here to help you on your journey. Just don't trust it.

Explore a Pixelated World

Detailed visuals, characters, and places, make for a detailed and fun adventure.

Dynamic Game Engine

Custom designed for Misguided, our open source game engine is built on Pygame and is designed to help write and update games with minimal coding. Use of .csv files and images (we reccomend using pixilart.com!) will get a game running in no time!

The Team

Tigey Jewell-Alibhai

Tigey likes modular code and cool graphics, even if those cool graphics make no sense.

He has a new appreciation for game animation after working on this project.

Annabelle Platt

Annabelle loves cats, sewing, and baking, but doesn't want to seem cliche. She also really likes plankton.